100 and holding……….

Ha!  Kidding……Let’s see an unfat tip for today……..I ate……what did I eat???…..did I eat?  Hmmmmm that is a good unfat tip….kidding….but seriously I don’t know what I ate today….oh yea, yea it’s comming to me …..slowly…..ever get so tired you don’t know if yer comming or going?  Sit at the computer so long for days you feel like your eyes are hanging down to your knees and you can’t see straight anymore???….you turn yer head but ya still can’t see cuz you left yer eyes round the corner somewhere?…..And your butt hurts from sitting so much??  That ‘s what I’m feeling right now – need a pillow or a cloud….yea a cloud would be better……ahhhh the thought of a cloud to sit on…anyhoo I ate …not good today…..nova salmon but it was too oily and too salty….yak I’m getting an urky feeling thinking about it.  Nova Salmon with crackers….oh bad…very bad… too much salt….and crackers always have dehydrogenated oils……..oooh I was such a bad girl!  Not to say salmon is not good for me.  It is and it is one of my favorite meals – I just got an oily batch this time.  I like it raw best – sushi style but too expensive right now soooo had to settle.  Salmon is good for the heart, bones, brain and has the right fats my body needs.  Oh and I like it ….a lot.  Look here for some good info on salmon.  http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=104  Ate some M&Ms too and a few Brazil nuts which happens to be one of the best nuts you can eat….I already new that from years past research but have looked it up for you here – http://www.nutrition-and-you.com/brazil-nuts.html Good for the heart, lowers cholesterol, has high levels of selenium, B complex and many more benefits.  The little stinkers are hard to crack though.  I usually squash them and have to knaw them out much like a beaver knaws a log…….but worth every knaw and tasty too.

For dessert I had an apple…………….all better now……………


120 and holding……….

     I am holding my weight at 120 – not sure how since my bike quit – I don’t know I think a couple of months ago so not getting much excerise.  I really miss it.  I am only eating neccessities that my body craves because that’s how I stay healthy.  I believe that craving says I’m lacking certain vitamins and minerals such as when I crave potatoe chips which I noticed is when I’m not  eating potatoes regularly my body is screaming – get me some potassium & folate!  Or a number of the many vitamins & minerals in one little potatoe.  Too many to list so here is a very informational website for nutrition.  http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2551/2  Possibly salt too since I rarely use salt.  Try not to oink out on the good stuff you really like as it may not like your slim figure when you are limited to your regular excercise routine.   Helps to be poor too…….learned that growing up.  Should be a lot of healthy people right now with the failing economy seeping lower and lower.  I see so many businesses closed or closeing it makes me want to cry.  The next blog may be titled “Diary of a starving country”  or ” 100 and holding”  LOL……but if we work every angle we can pull ourselves out ……….again.  Such as…..a friend just told me some people he knows switched houses so one could keep from foreclosing!  Wasn’t that a great save?  I’m so excited for them!

Eating on the Road

     Eating on the road can be a challenge at times.  If you don’t like eating in just any resturant or you can’t afford to eat out,  you have to try to make healthy choices suitable for the cituation.  It’s more expensive to eat on the road.  Well it could be simply because you can’t buy large quantities which often saves money.  I try to pick healthy food that keeps if It can’t be eaten in one sitting.  Salad is actually probably my favorite dish which is hard to maintain while on the road.  Another is fish which definately has to be eaten in one sitting.  So I find the best way to have a salad on the road if not eating in a resturant is by buying and consuming one or two salad ingredients at a time.  Unless of course you can afford a full salad which is quite often expensive but less expensive than eating in a resturant usually.  Be careful with the mixed salad mixes.  They may not be what they say they are and you might need to spend a lot of time in the bathroom which is what happened to me recently.  Some times they are not spring mix like it says on the container but simply some type of ground cover or weeds that grow here and there.  I had read about this awhile back but bought the mix because it was less expensive.  Not less expensive in the long run if you get sick.  You know the old saying – you get what you pay for. 

I found a way to save on milk if you like milk.  Of course it’s not cow’s milk.  It’s soy milk which last quite awhile but there are questions about soy milk being healthyor not.  But then who knows if the cow milk is good these days?  I like it so I drink it.  It’s suppose to have benefits if they still exist in the milk. 

http://www.rense.com/general26/milk.htm  is one site for milk.  There are many.  Just type in milk, benefits to find more.


So you see – who knows what we are really consuming? 

Anyway some more tips on what I like to eat on the road.  Bacon bits keep well.  Fruit of course.  You can buy 1 carrot at a time so that works well and is also healthy.  There are several vegetables you can still buy 1 at a time I guess and eat raw which hass less calories than cooked veggies.  Yogurt is a good one.  You can still eat fairly healthy on a limmited budget on the road.  You may even loose some weight too.  We use to eat a raw potatoe every so often while we were kids.  Just put salt on it.  Potatoes are high in potassium.  If you think back to your childhood you may think of some things your parents introduced you to to eat that most people wouldn’t even consider – like the raw potatoe I mean.  Nothing grosse.  I like to eat a red bell pepper like an apple and it’s rich in vitamin c   Http://thedailyplate.com/nutrition-calories/food/generic/red-bell-pepper-raw.  An avacado is another, a tomatoe.  There are many. 

Be careful of what you eat and have a good healthy trip.

Hot day lunch

     A nice cool healthy refreshing lunch I sometimes crave on a hot day.  Chop up a carrot and an apple.  A hand full of spinach or cabbage is good too if you have.  If you don’t, just the carrot and apple make a good hot day snack or salad.  Toss in a few raisins for energy or grapes and a few nuts if you have them, then sprinkle with cinnamon- helpful if you’re diabetic.  Add a couple spoons of apple juice or what ever juice you have for dressing if you need dressing or use a little lemon or lime juice.  Chop up a tiny piece of ginger root for flavor and health.

Diabetics:  Carrots are kind of high in sugar content but is a good blood sugar regulator.  http://www.juicing-for-health.com/carrot-nutrition.html Carrots help heal various diseases and are rich in potassium which helps with leg aches,  magnesium and other vitamins and minerals.  Carrots have many other benefits such as detoxifying the liver, lowering cholesterol.  http://www.juicing-for-health.com/carrot-nutrition.html 

Apples – are very healthful but check sugar content if you’re diabetic.   http://www.sugarstacks.com/fruits.htm  We have all heard “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  Check here to see which apple best suites your needs http://www.allaboutapples.com/health/ .

Raisins sugar content: http://nutrition.about.com/od/askyournutritionist/f/dried_fruit.htm

Raisins – energy, anemia, bone health, blood circulation, and we know how raisins help constipation but the raisin has so many more benefits http://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/fruit/health-benefits-of-raisins.html .

Unfat joke – to drink or not to drink?

Don’t eat……………..LOL…………..or drink anything but water. 

This system use to be called fasting.  I would do it for two or three days.  Don’t know if it’s done anymore and probably not too healthy especially for Diabetics.  I wouldn’t recommend it really.  I haven’t done it for years.  I use to “fast’ around swim suit time so I could wear a bikini without being embarrassed.  I have never been fat, just a few extra pounds around the middle I guess because my winter meals tended to be more fattening than summer meals and of course less exercise due to weather.

Seriously though if you drink alcoholic beverages, you can almost see the pounds gathering between sips.  I use to like those 800 or more calories per shot drinks like a separator, (brandy , Kailua, cream) and the Irish cream drinks.  Oh yea baby.  Yee-Ha!  Yes I hugged a few toilets in my day till I learned not to mix my alcohols.  The Kioke Coffee (brandy, Kailua, coffee and cream.  Must be around 1200 calories in that one.  That was just about my favorite too actually.  You figure a few of those you’re pushing 5000 calories in one sitting.  I still like them.  I just don’t drink them any more.  At my age now you would have to roll  me out the door after two drinks with all those added calories plus I’m not use to drinking any more.  It looks like they now have diet alcoholic beverages for every one. http://www.dwlz.com/WWinfo/liquor.html   I like a glass of wine now and then these days.  That’s about all I care for.